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Under construction 10/18/2014. Please cursor down to the astrophysics page.

Welcome to scientific evidence that God exists.  Since you are here, we assume that you have some interest in what we consider to be one of the most significant questions ever asked, “Is there a God?”  There are many sites where you can find opinions pro and con, and, to tell the truth, many disagreements. We hope to present more than opinions here.  Our goal is to present evidence along with the claims.  Also, we plan to block most of the trouble makers, trolls, and unsupported opinions.  We are seeking opinions on all sides of this issue, but we want your claims to be backed up with evidence and references.

If you are interested in scientific evidence from astrophysics, such as the cosmological constant and fine tuning of the universe, click the Astrophysics tab.  If you are looking for evidence from the oldest micro-fossils on Earth, click the Fossils tab.  If you want to see evidence from the Late Heavy Bombardment, click the LHB tab.  For evidence from the Large Hadron Collider, click the LHC tab.  Finally, if you want to enter your own posts and messages, we offer 3 choices.  If you would like to defend or attack Old Earth Creationism and you are willing to give evidence and documentation, click on the OEC Blog.  For defending or attacking Young Earth Creationism, with evidence and documentation, click the YEC Blog.  If you don’t care too much about evidence and documentation, and you don’t care if trolls and troublemakers make a lot of posts, click Blog 3.  In all the blogs, please carefully read the first page of your blog before posting.  No matter what your position is, we are glad you are here, and we hope you will explore all the features of this site.

One final note: We hope that you will seriously consider this question. If you were convinced by the evidence that there is a personal, intelligent, powerful God who really exists and who created the universe, what would your response to him be? We believe that the wise choice would be to believe in him, follow him, and serve him. But first, let’s get to the evidence.


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